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UEFA Champions League 2019-2020: Zenit vs Lyon

Zenit vs Lyon

UEFA Champions League 2019-2020

28.11.2019 01:55 GMT +8

The fifth round of Group G of the UEFA Champions League would be starting on early morning 01:55 GMT+8 at 28 November 2019, with Zenit St.Petersburg at home against Lyon. This battle is related to the qualifying of the two group matches. Can Zenit defend his home three-pointer?


Fundamental Analysis

Zenit is currently the top team in the Russian Super League and has played very well in the domestic league recently. As for the Champions League, the two games back to back losses to Red Bulls Leipzig, showing a gap in strength. However, in the confrontation with the opponents in this war, they separated with a 1-1 ratio in the first round away. Although the current points lag behind Lyon, if this battle can win, the qualifying situation will need to be re-evaluated.

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Lyon’s play this season has been erratic, currently in the Champions League group can still master the line initiative. However, their performance in the league is relatively inferior, but fortunately, they have regained their strength recently. Although this game is an away game, Lyon’s undefeated call is still quite high.

Comprehensive Analysis of Zenit vs Lyon

The initial value given by the agency for this game is Zenit’s main concession and guest 0. After several adjustments in the market outlook, it has finally been fixed at Zenit’s 0.25 range. The strength of the two sides was at least half of their strength. The victory was due to the tactics and the players’ use. Lyon has never been a conservative team, and there is no shortage of creative and fast players in the team. Therefore, Zenit will encounter defensive difficulties, but Zenit’s confidence in fighting at his door is also high. Especially their offensive fire at home this season is obvious. Unless Lyon outperforms Zenit, the agency’s confidence in giving the ball to Zenit still opens up a good starting point for Lyon.

I believe that the state of Lyon still has instability factors. Instead of looking forward to Lyon undefeated under the conditions of transferees, or even gaining a win, it is better to follow Zenit’s main victory. Betting Recommends that bet on win or draw is a good choice, but the high SP of the ball play is also very attractive and worth trying.

Scored Prediction: 2:1 1:1 0:0(Less Chance)

Goals Prediction: 0/2/3 Goals

Team to Win Prediction: Home

Prediction Win Rate: Home (41%) Draw (30%) Away (29%)


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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