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UEFA Euro Qualifiers: Switzerland vs Georgia

UEFA Euro Qualifiers: Switzerland vs Georgia

League: 2020 European Cup Qualifiers

Competition time: 2019-11-16 03:45:00 Saturday

At 3:45 in the morning of November 16th in Malaysia, a match in Group D of the European Cup qualifier, Switzerland will be in Georgia at home. In the early morning of Saturday, the European Cup was hot. The Swiss won the match 2-0 in the last round. After taking three points at home, Switzerland stepped out of the shadow of the previous away game against Denmark. The morale and confidence of the team returned to a high value. And Switzerland’s home performance is good, five consecutive home games remain unbeaten and won 3 wins, as long as the goal can get more than 2, with a strong home momentum and active offensive concept.

Georgia is currently ranked 4th in Group D. In the background of one round left in the race, the points are 4 points away from the top two and have no direct promotion. The team only has a first-line victory to compete for the team’s best third place, but Georgia’s away game performance is not ideal, only 5 wins in the last five battles, this game against the strong home team of Switzerland, Georgia is probably too much fierce.

Fundamental Analysis

In the process of this qualifier, we can see that the Swiss team’s performance on the road is not ideal, and they are often full of firepower when returning to the home court. The only away game victory is to beat Georgia, including the next round of visitors. For Gibraltar, a total of 6 points is enough to guarantee Switzerland’s qualifying. If the game draws against Georgia and scores three points in the next round, it depends on the performance of the remaining opponents, as both Denmark and Ireland are still likely to have the same points as Switzerland.

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Having said that, Georgia should not be ignored by us because the hopes of their qualifying are not, but according to the strength of this group, they still have to pay their homework in the seven games that have already been defeated. After all, Ireland and Denmark can’t get a three-pointer at home in Georgia. As a role as a spoiler, Georgia is strong enough.

Analysis of Switzerland vs Georgia

Switzerland is in urgent need of three points, and the team’s warfare does not need to be questioned. The data given by the organization for this game is the range of the Swiss main passenger 2, considering that the Swiss guest has already reached the value of 1, while Ireland and Denmark have successfully defeated Georgia at home.

So, Switzerland is high in the face of life and death. Judging from the subject matter, it is still logical. However, it is reported that several attackers in Switzerland have not been selected for the national team due to injury. Although Shakiri has been played down in the national team, Mehmet and Enbolo are both regular attackers, and the Switzerland lineup is not rich enough to be able to switch the main level. Let us think again, Georgia’s victory in this qualifier has won praise, and it can throw baggage and a fierce battle in Switzerland. Therefore, it is recommended that this war choose Georgia, which has the advantage of being given the ball.

Handicap (Home -2): Draw/ Home (2.32 3.80 2.30)

Score prediction: 2:0, 4:1

The number of goals predicted: 3 goals / 5 goals


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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