Tottenham vs Olympiacos UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 -
UEFA Champions League 2019-2020: Tottenham vs Olympiacos

Tottenham vs Olympiacos

UEFA Champions League 2019-2020

27.11.2019 04:00 Malaysia TimeZone

The fifth round of Group B of the UEFA Champions League would be starting on early morning 04:00 GMT+8 at 27 November 2019, with Tottenham at home against Olympiacos.

Analysis of Tottenham

Tottenham’s poor performance this season, eventually the team’s senior decision to fire the meritorious coach Pochettino. Famous coach Mourinho has taken office, and this time Mourinho’s return to the Premier League is to re-prove his strength. In the first round of the new appointment, Mourinho successfully led Tottenham to beat West Ham United 3 to 2 and announced to the Premier League the madman return. This time moving to the Champions League, Mourinho also hopes to announce his return to Europe. However, the problem of unstable defense still exists. Fortunately, the Mourinho Cup has achieved very good results, which can inject more confidence into the team. Mourinho re-examined Ali’s position in the team after coaching, and the frontline emphasized the importance of Sun Xingyi and Ali’s rapid counterattack.

Analysis of Olympiacos

Olympiacos is a Greek Super League powerhouse. Currently in the league 8 wins and 3 draws remain unbeaten, only 4 goals after 11 league games, offensive and defensive performance on both ends. Although the last round of Olympiacos was so cold that with Pagnonios draw game. Having said that, the team remains unbeaten for two consecutive games, and morale will not be too bad. However, in the European war, in addition to the first round of the group stage draw Tottenham, Olympiacos lost in the next 3 games. Now 6 points away from Tottenham, this victory is missing out then they no hope to qualify.

Comprehensive Analysis of Tottenham vs Olympiacos

After Spurs won last round, the team’s confidence rose sharply. Asian agencies made a concession of -1.5 for Spurs. The home team went to low water in the market after the water level. On the surface, the organization has full confidence in Tottenham. However, it should be noted that the defense of Tottenham is still not stable. Although the last round of the game won but scored 2 consecutive goals in the second half, we can see that the team has a lot of hidden dangers.

The Match Tottenham vs Olympiacos Results Predictions

Scored Prediction: 3:2 2:1

Goals Prediction: 3/5 goals

Team to Win Prediction: Home, Real Marid



The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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