messi wants to leave Barcelona

Messi told to FC Barcelona he wants to leave the team

Messi wants to leave FC Barcelona after playing for more than 20 years and winning numerous honours for the team. On Tuesday, he sent a fax to the club through his lawyer team, saying that he would activate the terms of free departure from Barcelona. However, Barcelona said his fax has no legal effect because the relevant terms have expired. However, Spanish newspaper Marca pointed out that according to the agreement signed between FC Barcelona and FIFA, Messi’s contract terms have not expired, and he can leave Barcelona freely.

“I request that you terminate my current employment contract with your club in accordance with Article 24 of the contract, which allows me to have this right,” Messi wrote in the fax.

Barcelona also sent a fax response, saying that Messi’s fax has no legal effect because the clause that Messi can leave Barcelona freely has no effect after June 10. If Messi wants to leave, he will have to pay 700 million euro for breaking the contract.

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According to Spanish newspaper Marca, the Messi clause had no expired that mean Messi can leave Barcelona freely. But Messi’s team said the deadline was set at the beginning of June because normally every season ends at this time. Generally, the season ends on June 30 with 20 days’ notice, so the deadline is set on June 10. This year’s special situation, La Liga suspended, the Champions League has been postponed, the end of the season has been postponed, the validity of the contract terms has naturally been postponed.

Marca pointed out that FC Barcelona and FIFA have signed an agreement on the end of the season, that is, because of the epidemic, the season has been extended to the end of the last game. Since it is difficult to predict when the season will end, Messi is unable to inform the club in advance. “Marca” believes that according to the agreement between FC Barcelona and FIFA, Messi’s free leave this summer has good reasons.

Odds on where Messi might go next

And the same times, Messi decided to leave Barcelona and the bookmakers offered odds on where he might go next.

Betfair’s odds show that Manchester City is the top favourites in Messi’s next stop with 6 / 4. The team’s financial resources and the attraction of Guardiola to Messi have put them in a leading position among many big clubs.

In the second place is Inter Milan (3 / 1). It has been rumoured that the Nerazzurri would like to get Messi and fight for it, and the financial support behind Inter is also very strong.

Tied for the second place is Paris Saint Germain (3 / 1), but also a “good money” team. Coach tueher has publicly said that any team would be interested if there was a chance to get Messi.

Ronaldo’s Juventus is in fourth place with 4 / 1, and the prospect of Messi joining hands with Ronaldo really makes fans look forward to it.

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