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EPL Fixtures – Matchday 12 – Football Predictions – AFBSlot88 Malaysia Online Casino Slots

The following analysis is based on international practice and our professional football predictions website Inplay-tips, and the ball category name is first ‘Home’ and second ‘Away’. The football predictions mentioned below are for reference only.

Norwich vs. Waterford – (2.5 goals) big, (Norwich +1) Home win, 2:2, 2:1

The two teams have not won in the last six rounds. The Hornet is the only one that has not opened this season, but Norwich lost five games in six games. The Hornet has improved slightly. The last four rounds and three games were only 1:2. Small negative Chelsea, the state seems to be better than the home team. The dealer certainly knows, so opening Waterford to let the ball go, this problem is coming. The strength of the two teams is probably between the two, the Hornet has no money to give, but Norwich +1 odds are very ugly, it is better to believe that the two teams are fighting for the attack, the big points preferred.

Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace – (Chelsea-1)
Home win, 3:1, 2:0

Although the Blues lost to Manchester United in the League Cup, the Champions League was closed for four rounds, but the league’s five-game winning streak was quite good, ranking fourth with Leicester City and only two points behind Manchester City. The Crystal Court was once ranked in the top 5, but it was nearly three rounds. Two home games lost to Manchester City and the Fox. The guest was forced to flatten the lazy guns.

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Southampton vs. Everton – (Southampton +1)
Home win, 1:1, 2:1

The Holy Land lost 1 and 4 at home. Saints 1 and 5 lost 6 consecutive games, too much sugar in the last 7 rounds, only 1 win and 1 defeat. Another relegation battle, but no one expected that one of them would be toffee. Not winning, and the Hornet is the only home to win the team, but Everton’s performance is equally bad, this season only 5 and only 4 defeats, it is difficult to distinguish. Andre Gomez’s foot fracture surgery is in good condition, but I am afraid that it will be difficult to come back after more than half a year. It depends on whether the teammates can get out of the haze and play the game for Gomez.

Newcastle United vs. Bournemouth – (2.5 balls) Small, Draw, 1:1, 0:0

Newcastle has a good defence at home, only losing 3 goals is one of the best at home, but the offence is the key to hard to win. Bournemouth’s defence is not bad, 11 rounds lost 13 goals in the previous paragraph, and the guest lost 6 goals and can be ranked 5th. Both sides are defensive and weak, and it is speculated that the small points are preferable.

Burnley vs. West Ham United – Away Win, 1:0

Hammer 5 is not too close to the situation, this season, only the winner of Watford. The performance of the team’s 3 game losing streak is also poor, but the home is still a certain level, 5 homes 3 wins and 2 defeats, only lose Liverpool and Chelsea of ​​Big 6, so it is still a little high-class to come to the front line.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Sheffield United – Home Win, 2:1

Xie Feilian’s unbeaten 4 unbeaten is good, this season’s away wins and 4s and even failed, won the win over Everton to tie Chelsea. The Spurs League 4 wins, but three of them are on the road, being reversed by the Red Army and being beaten by Everton. The performance of the two games is not bad. Sun Xingyu’s red card was successfully defeated after the call, so this round can be played. The old Sun is in good shape and may become the key to winning and losing.

Leicester City vs. Arsenal – (2.5 balls) big, Home win, 2:1

The fox’s four-game winning streak is currently ranked third in the game, and the Gunners are four in this game. The situation of the two teams means a big difference. The Gunners have not won in the past three seasons. The 1 and 2 defeats are simply miserable. How can the confidence of the Gunners win the Fox with the bad situation of the Gunners this season? Of course, the gun fans can’t bear it, but they won’t go over with their own pockets. Are you saying yes? Of course, the Gunners are not steady, but Daxian is afraid to push it.

Manchester United vs Brighton – Home Win, 2:0

There are always three pounds of nails in the rotten ship. The Red Devils are not bad ships at home. In the face of the invincible Brighton, there should be a higher chance of winning.

Wolves vs. Aston Villa – (Vila +1) Away wins, 1:1

The Wolves gradually became more powerful, and they were unbeaten in four games at home. Villa was not bad at the same time. Only 9 defeats were made in 9 games, and they were lost to Gunners Manchester City and Liverpool. The Wolves are affected by the Europa and may not be able to win.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City – Home win, (2.5 balls) big, 2:1

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