EPL Fixture 2019 Matchday 18 - Bournemouth vs Burnley FC
EPL Fixture 2019 Matchday 18 - Bournemouth vs Burnley FC

2019-12-21 Saturday 23:00

Bournemouth vs Burnley

Premier League

Information Bournemouth and Burnley

The difference between Bournemouth and Burnley of the visiting team is not large. The two sides currently hold 19 points and 21 points respectively, ranking the middle and lower levels of the Premier League. Among them, Burnley’s away ability is not strong, this season’s eight guest trips won a victory, scored six points, lost more than half, the average number of goals conceded up to two, the defensive end is not small. The home team Bournemouth’s home ability was slightly more ordinary, winning two games in eight games, the front line fire just met the average goal, the defensive end is not very good.

The last round of Bournemouth’s seen against the strong Chelsea. With Gosling’s key goal-scoring three points ended the five-game losing streak in the league, which can greatly improve the team’s morale. It is also a very important goal for Bournemouth, which has a series of dumb forwards. The visiting team, Burnley, also made a small home victory over Newcastle in the last round, ending a three-game losing streak and boosting morale. In the past, the confronting team had a great advantage. Although this team is away combat, its disadvantage is not significant.

In the last 10 games of the two teams, Bournemouth 2 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses when playing host. So, their disadvantage of the is very large.

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Player situation:

Bournemouth forward Stanislas knee surgery, David Brooks ankle surgery at home, defender’s Ak muscle injury, defender Daniels knee surgery. Away team Burnley forward Gwizmensson injured.


Index analysis:

According to the analysis of Inplay-Tips, this field agency gave the home team’s Bournemouth initial score of the hemisphere, and the market outlook was high. In terms of strength, there is a slight difference between the two sides. But don’t forget that the away team Burnley has a great advantage. In this game, the agency gave the home team a flat hemisphere depth to support the home team very little, not to mention it is still high resistance, and then this game optimistic about the visiting team’s Burnley can be undefeated.


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