10. Liverpool vs Manchester City

Manchester City Challenges Liverpool – Which Team Would Become The Winner?

Manchester City and Liverpool played the most exciting competition in the Premier League (EPL) last season. The two teams won the game from the beginning of the season to the final round. Manchester City led Liverpool 2 points in the 11th to 15th rounds, and the Reds overtook from the 16th round. In December, the biggest gap was opened to 10 points. However, Manchester City opened the unparalleled from the 25th round and won the last 14 rounds. Although Liverpool does not lose in the last 15 rounds but lost 8 points because of kicking 4 games, it was finally reversed by Manchester City by 1 point. The Liverpool and the Premier League lost the first crown in history.

EPL Fixtures 2019/2020 Season – History of Liverpool and Manchester City

At the beginning of this season, the parties predicted that it would still be Liverpool and Manchester City. But never imagined that Liverpool won the first 8 rounds, Manchester City only received 5 wins 1 and 2 defeats. From the second round, Liverpool has taken the lead and has opened up to 8 points at most! After the first eight rounds of the Premier League history, the biggest points difference between the first and second teams. But does this mean that Liverpool’s Premier League title will be handy?

EPL Fixtures 2019-2020 Manchester City Challenges Liverpool

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Discuss The Result of Liverpool in EPL Fixtures 2019/2020 Season

Liverpool’s defensive performance this season is not as good as last season. The last three rounds have lost the ball. The 11 rounds lost 9 goals, but they are still top-notch, but they lost more than 5 goals in the same period last season. Although the offensive performance is even higher (20 balls in the season, 20 goals in the last season), but many experts worry about the biggest problem in the gap between the bench and the starting lineup.

Liverpool has the most powerful offensive trident in the Premier League, Mane, Sarah and Fomino had 14 goals, accounting for 5-6 of the team, and the remaining 9 players scored goals, but only scored 1 goal each, including backup striker Oriji. Once the Trident was injured or suspended, the attack on Liverpool will have an impact. This is the case when the guest kicked Ping Manlian. As Sarah was injured, Manchester United, who was disabled in the lineup, failed to win.

Discuss The Result of Manchester City in EPL Fixtures 2019/2020 Season

Manchester City’s offensive strength is unquestionable. The last season’s 95 goals outperformed the Premier League. In the first 11 rounds of this season, 34 goals have been scored (33 goals in the same period last season), averaging 3.1 goals per game. As long as the average level of 3 goals is maintained, this season’s goal is Up to 115, rewriting the 106-ball Premier League record created by the 17-18 season.

But Manchester City’s biggest problem this season is defensive. Due to the serious injury of Laporte’s knee injury, the season’s 2 defeated warrior Otamendi often made mistakes and the head coach Guardiola lost patience. The main defender is only the England international. Shi Dongsi, in addition to having to take the teenager from the second team to replace Jascia as a substitute, he was forced to defend the midfielder Fernandinho. This season’s 11 rounds of 10 goals are not bad, but the same season last season’s conceded and the Liverpool are 5 goals, the defensive problem is unable to avoid.

Analysis Manchester City Vs Liverpool EPL Fixtures

Manchester City‘s recent three-game winning streak, Liverpool was forced by Manchester United and lost 2 points. The two teams currently a gap of 6 points, predicting that Liverpool won the premise.

This week’s confrontation between the two sides is the perfect time to examine the two teams. Last season, Manchester City‘s Home wins and prevailing because the two teams ended up with only one point difference. The game can be said to be the biggest key to Manchester City‘s championship. Manchester City‘s three-game winning streak is slightly better, but the opponents are only in the middle and late stages.

The Liverpool has two opponents, Manchester United and Tottenham. From the perspective of the strength of the match, it is difficult for Liverpool to close. Liverpool can discharge the strongest lineup in this round. In addition to Laporte, Manchester City’s defensive midfielder Rodriguez signed this season’s record transfer fee record was also unable to participate due to injury, plus Sanne, David Silva and Jinping.

The main force of the department and other majors must be injured for a while. Liverpool absorbed the experience of the previous season. This season’s two games against Manchester City must be based on one victory. The defensive instability in the city of Tioman is the best opportunity this week. Based on the current defensive status of the two teams, they can break through the opponent’s door. So they recommend the “2.5 goals” and “Home wins” by AFBSlot88 Malaysia Online Casino Slot.

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