Crystal vs Liverpool - EPL Fixture 2019-2020
EPL Fixture 2019-2020: Crystal vs Liverpool

EPL Fixtures 2019/2020: Crystal Place vs Liverpool


Kick-off Time: 2019-11-23 23:00 Saturday

The second round of the Premier League has not yet ended. At 23:00 on November 23, Malaysia, Crystal Palace will be at the Selhurst Park Stadium to against the favourites team Red Army Liverpool.


Liverpool’s performance last season was very general, and the fans were very disappointed. The management of the Liverpool club also made a lot of efforts. This summer, Liverpool invested 170 million pounds into the transfer market and introduced the strengths including Brazil’s Allison, Fabiaho, Keita and Shaqiri. Their team become strongest. The full fire of the first round is a good testimony to this.

This summer, Liverpool can be said to strengthen its lineup, and the strength of each position has been significantly improved. However, the season has just begun, so players still need time to adapt, and cooperation needs to be constantly running. However, today’s Liverpool is not invincible. On the backline, especially in the position of the central defender, the Red Army’s personnel reserve is still a little thin. The defender Lovren who followed the Croatian World Cup has not returned to the team because of the injury. The starting midfielder combination is Van Dick and Gomez.

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In the Champions League last season, the Reds eliminated Premier League champion Manchester City and finally advanced to the finals. However, Liverpool finally failed to go any further. They lost 1-3 to Real Madrid. t the time, the team’s starting goalkeeper Carius was twice. The fatal mistake caused the team to lose, which is why the team spent a lot of money to introduce the Brazilian goalkeeper Allison. In the league, Liverpool ranked fourth in the thrilling position and won the Champions League this season. After the loss of last season, Klopp will hope to have another role in the Champions League. At the same time, like the popular Red Army in the Premier League, the Red Army does not want to let the league champions to another team, this game against the Crystal Palace is a must-win.

Crystal Palace

In the Crystal Palace, the Crystal Palace belongs to a team that cannot be underestimated in the Premier League. This team is very tenacious and is good at grabbing opponents’ loopholes and counterattacking. This summer Crystal Palace is not big, basically to maintain the lineup last season, but their bench has been strengthened, this team is a team with a relatively well-coordinated team, so the combat effectiveness must not be underestimated.

The team’s top scorer, Zaha, played well and his sharp breakthrough on the wing would have an impact on Liverpool’s defense. Compared to other teams, Crystal Palace seems to have no desire, they have no big signings this summer. The club owner only hopes that the team can stay in the Premier League. The Crystal Palace Club’s recent performances are quite general, and the quality of the games they participate in is not high, so these games are difficult to use as a reference for the strength of the Crystal Palace. However, one thing that can be seen is that the Crystal Palace’s side defensive ability is relatively poor. To deal with the fast interspersed team, Crystal Palace is more likely to make mistakes. This is one of the biggest weaknesses of Crystal Palace.

Comprehensive Analysis

The Asian Handicap is made +1.25 for Liverpool. The data is optimistic about winning the Crystal Palace. From the analysis of the situation in Liverpool and Crystal Palace history, the two teams are in a flat state, and the strength is difficult to distinguish! However, considering the strength of Liverpool this year, the goal is directed at the Premier League champion. Therefore, I believe that Liverpool will defeat the Crystal Palace. The score is likely to be 0:3, mainly because Liverpool’s middle ball control ability is stronger!

Recommendation: Away

Scored Prediction: 0:2 0:3

Number of Goals Prediction: 2-3 goals

HT/FT Prediction: Draw/Win, Lose/Win


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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