EPL Fixture Trophy Southend United vs AFC Wimbledon
EPL Fixture Trophy Southend United vs AFC Wimbledon

EFL Fixture Trophy: Southend United vs AFC Wimbledon
Competition Schedule 2019-11-14 03:45 (Asia Time)

Analysis of Southend United

Now only 5 points are scored in 17 rounds. According to performance, it is the worst team. Since Bolton has deducted 12 points, they were ranked second to last overall. Last weekend, Southend jointly played a game in the FA Cup. They lost to the Dover Athletic FC with a score of 0 – 1 and were eliminated. The number of games in the Southend United has not increased to 10 games, and 9 of them have been lost. The state is a mess. So far in the season, Southend has scored 1 goal per game in the League One and is not at the bottom. However, they lost 48 goals in the 17 rounds of the league, and the defensive goal of 2.82 goals per game is the worst team in the League. Results, they are also the only team in this season’s League One team to win the home team. 8 rounds of English home scores were 1 draw and 7 losses, scored 7 goals, lost 26 goals, it can be said that there is no home advantage.

Analysis of AFC Wimbledon

This season has played equally bad, but they are still 8 points more than Southend. Although lost two games before. Last weekend FA Cup, they were tied with Doncaster. AFC Wimbledon’s overall attack power is not much better than Southend, and only 1.25 goals per game. But they introduced the Finnish striker Marcus this summer. Flowserve personally performed well and has scored 7 league goals so far.

Summary of
EFL Fixture Trophy: Southend vs AFC Wimbledon

Southend United defeated in 2 games so that they have lost promotion qualification. The Away team AFC Wimbledon win 1 game 1 lose, they ranked 3nd in this season. There is still a chance to qualify. Southend United and AFC Wimbledon are both teams in the League One, also the relegation team. The home team’s Southend United is in a very bad state. They lost to Dover in the last week FA Cup. This is the fifth consecutive loss of the Southend United team. The last 10 AFC Wimbledon have rebounded. Draw with Doncaster, only one game was lost in the last seven games, and the team’s status has steadily increased.

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In the last four encounters between the two teams, all the losses of Southend United have been inferior. The Handicap of the game opened the AWAY team to let the 0.25, plus the Away team has the hope of the line based on data analysis, the field can support the AWAY win.

Predictions Winner: AFC Wimbledon, AWAY
Recommended score: 1 – 2, 2 – 3

The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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