EPL Fixture Trophy Burton Albion vs Mansfield Town
EPL Fixture Trophy Burton Albion vs Mansfield Town

AFBSlot88 Malaysia Online Casino SlotsBurton Albion vs Mansfield Town – Competition Schedule (Asia Time) 2019-11-13 03:45 – The English Championship / EFL Fixture Trophy is the League One, the English B and the invited team (the Premier League, the U21 team in the British crown). The competition is divided into two divisions in the north and the south. Each group has 8 groups. Each group has 4 teams to play a single round. There is a draw to make a penalty shootout. The winning side has an extra point. Finally, the top two teams qualify.

Analysis of Burton – EFL Fixture Trophy

At present, the qualifying situation of the E group in the North District is that Everton U21 has already confirmed the qualifying line. If Burton defeats Mansfield in this game, they will also qualify smoothly. If the two sides draw and the Bolton loses the ball, Mans Feder may also get the right to qualify. Therefore, this battle is very important for Burton. The only thing that is not conducive to them is that this game organization generally opened the home game to make the hemisphere live and die. As a team in the League of England, Burton seems to have a slight suspicion.

Analysis of Mansfield – EFL Fixture Trophy

Mansfield can qualify for second place in the group stage if he wins. If he wins and wins in the penalty shootout, he may also get the right to qualify. At the FA Cup last weekend, Mansfield won the game and the morale of the team was strong. In terms of status, Mansfield has performed well, especially in the away game. Since the season, Mansfield has only lost two games. This time, he has a certain ability to score against Burton. Disadvantageously, Mansfield has to challenge opponents Macclesfield this weekend, the team may not be able to send the strongest lineup, and the home team Burton did not play this weekend, can go all out.

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Final Review about Burton vs Mansfield | EFL Fixture Trophy

Our professional forecasting website Inplay-Tips predicts that the winner will be Burton based on various data analysis. I do not agree with this prediction. This game can be said to be a bit of a look, the two teams are in the stage of the winner’s qualifying. Competition competitiveness should be a bit standard. In the eight away games to date, Mansfield has scored 2 goals in 5 games. Although Mansfield may not be able to send the strongest lineup, it will not necessarily lose to Burton.

The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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