Dota2 MDL ChengDu Major - Vici Gaming (VG) vs Evil Geniuses (EG)
Dota2 MDL ChengDu Major: VG vs EG

Dota2 MDL Chengdu Major: Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

Strength comparison

Although the VG has not yet recovered the best rhythm status after Fade left, the current VG strength and teamwork is stronger than EG. VG has a great with Sniper, Lina, and the current version of the most powerful combination Morphling and Earthshaker, they also played well with the Keeper of the Light and Night Stalker combination.

In contrast, EG’s performance in this season, the EG that is completely reorganized this season is currently RTZ farming, and the other four teammates are playing the rhythm of the four-player (four guarantees one). Although not very skilled in this style of play, after the first few tempering has begun to see results. Ramzes’s 3rd position sometimes has a judgment error and a miss ultimate, which is an unstable factor.

Recent status

VG has not encountered a really strong team in this Major, so it played smoothly. Success in winning VG is currently in full swing. The recent state of Yang and Paparazzi is somewhat unstable, especially the low-level mistakes that Paparazzi were killed by saving BKB.

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A look back to EG, although the group stage was awkward, their morale rose after 2:0 victory over IG. Ramzes’s 3rd position can get a good performance as long as you get regular heroes (eg: Centaur Warrunner, Kunka, etc.).

Recent pre-match intelligence

VG’s recently used Keeper of the Light and Night Stalker Combo won three victories in this Major. In addition, their heroic roles such as Morphling, Earthshaker, Sniper, Centaur Warrunner are also very skilled. Gyrocopter and Void The strongest core of this version is less than 40% winning in VG. Since VG is not very likely to play, I personally think that they should be Ban when they are in BanPick. Paparazi often made a low-level mistake in the recent were killed for saving BKB. I hope he can get rid of this problem, otherwise, he will become a breakthrough for VG.

EG’s recent performances are quite satisfactory. Basically, they will choose a late big core for RTZ, and then choose a type of functional or fight type for Abed (for example Invoker, Dragon Knight, Ember Spirit). Abed has a unique MEEPO, VG should need to beware this.


Prediction Recommendation

The whole game wins and loses:
At present, the EG system can be targeted by BP, because the big score that can be played in the version of RTZ is 2 – 3 only, as long as BP is not blasted by the opponent, it is more optimistic about VG to win BO3.

Single-game wins and losses:

VG’s Gyrocopter and Void have very low winning percentages. If VG chooses these two cores, you can be cautious and optimistic about EG to win the game.

The strength of both sides is close, and EG is the style of the late stage of the big nuclear game. Recommended for a large time (>38 minutes).

First Blood: Vici Gaming (VG)

First to 10 Kills: Vici Gaming (VG)

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