Dota2 MDL ChengDu Major - TNC vs J.Storm
Dota2 MDL ChengDu Major: TNC vs J.Storm

TNC vs J.Storm – Dota 2 MDL ChengDu Major

Round 2 of the leadoff match will feature representatives from North American J.Storm and the SEA TNC Predator team!

MDL Chengdu Major 2019 heading into the semi-finals, TNC looks like a tournament favourite as their performance throughout the event so far has been outstanding!


Team TNC Predator

Position Name
1 Gabbi
2 Armel
3 Kppi
4 Tims
5 March


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Team J.Storm

Position Name
1 Moo
2 Nine
3 Brax
4 MoOz
5 Fear


Fear has always been a respected captain of dota2, playing an important role in the TI5 EG championship. In addition to captain Fear, 1st player Moo is also a TI6 finalist. The experience of both former IT champions and finalists may have helped J.Sorm in their quest to defeat TNC.

However, TNCs are still heavy favourites like Gabbi, Armel and Tim commonly known as TNCs. In addition to the recent chicken shuffle seeing the arrival of Kppi and Mac, Kppi was one of Newbee’s team players when they reached the IT 7 Final. Mac players/coaches voted MVP at the TNC summit recently at ESL One Hamburg. And moreover, the joy added in March was captain J.Strom, making the game even more interesting as there are several types of revenge.

Recent performance

Judging by their performance at the group level, J.Storm managed to pull off a great and bad game missing from what could be considered one of IG’s favourite tournaments, the match was a fantastic 63-minute thriller and the performance was worth mentioning. However, the match was very biased, possibly due to the mental fatigue after game 1.

Their match against Team Liquid in the Bracket Round 1 was pretty convincing, especially in TA 9, which damaged the lane and won them a game, the whole team deserving of a solid performance.

TNC recently won the ESL One Hamburg and their match in the final against Gambit E-sports was very entertaining, to say the least! TNC was able to take the momentum of victory and take it to the group stage, where they eliminated Team Unknown and won their match against Team Ehome. Their first-round match against Team Alliance was also carried out convincingly, though as they loosened the 70-minute 1 game against Alliance, the team was strong enough to win 2 convincing games afterwards.

Overall, TNC’s recent wins over Hamburg’s ESL One, showcasing the group’s current look and displaying great mentality give them an edge when the latest performance is a concern.

Forecast of TNC vs J.Storm Chengdu Major 2019

Team to Win
TNC Predator 2 – 1 J.Storm

First Blood
TNC predators
TNC has always been an aggressive team by choosing aggressive heroes to match,

First to 10 Kills (First to 10 Kills)
TNC predators

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