Crvena Zvezda VS Bayern Munchen UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 -
UEFA Champions League 2019-2020: Crvena Zvezda VS Bayern Munchen

Crvena Zvezda VS Bayern Munchen

UEFA Champions League 2019-2020

27.11.2019  04:00 Malaysia TimeZone

The fifth round of Group B of the UEFA Champions League would be starting on early morning 04:00 GMT+8 at 27 November 2019, with Crvena Zvezda at home against Bayern Munchen.

Analysis of Crvena Zvezda

Belgrade’s Red Stars lost to Tottenham in the last round of the group stage 0-4. The first four rounds of the group stage were 1 win and 3 losses. They only defeated the Greek super boss Olympiacos at home and only scored in this game. They have won only one match in the last nine rounds of the Champions League. During each round, they have conceded goals, averaging more than 2 goals per game. The Belgrade Red Stars have only 2 defeats (4 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses) at home in the last 10 Champions League games, losing only to Paris and Tottenham. Belgrade Red Star is currently ranked 3rd in the group, and Tottenham, which is already behind 2nd, is more than 4 points.

Half-time stats: Belgrade’s first four rounds of the Red Star each group had conceded goals in the first half, and none of them scored. They had only one goal in the last seven rounds without conceding goals in the first half. A goal was conceded in the first half.

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Analysis of Bayern Munchen

Bayern Munich scored 4-0 away in the last round of the Bundesliga away from Düsseldorf. After changing coaches, they scored in two consecutive rounds and scored. Bayern Munich won Olympiacos 2-0 at home in the last round of the Champions League. They maintained 4 consecutive victories in the first four rounds and scored a total of 15 goals in 4 games. Bayern Munich’s nearly 10 Champions League away games have a 70% win rate, averaging 2.6 goals per game, and 4 games have a goal difference of more than 1 goal. Bayern Munich is currently 5 points ahead of Tottenham.

Half-time stats: Bayern Munich have conceded goals in the first half of the first four rounds of the group stage. Only two of their last nine Champions League away goals have not scored.

Comprehensive Analysis of Crvena Zvezda VS Bayern Munchen

The initial data of each agency index in this field is Bayern Munich ’s one-half ball, and they are immediately upgraded to the Away’s Bayern half / two goals.

Some institutions ’initial index directly issued the Bayern ’s goal-half / two goals. The initial data of the agency’s total goals are mostly 3.5 goals high pressure and 3 / 3.5 goals low pressure, which is not conservative compared to the two teams’ first-round size standards.

After losing the ranking battle with Tottenham, the Red Star team has no hope of qualifying, and it is a more realistic goal to strive for the third place in the team. And Bayern basically locked the group top qualification because of the good foundation laid in the previous four rounds of the group stage. Bayern’s previous visits to Olympiacos, whose strength is half a stop higher than the Red Star, can give an initial concession of one goal and half of the ball (the final finger rises to half of the goal). In contrast, Bayern did not have enough starting points in this round, and their positions were quite divergent.


The Match Crvena Zvezda VS Bayern Munchen Results Predictions

Scored Prediction: 0:2 0:3

Goals Prediction: 2/3 goals

Team to Win Prediction: Away


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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