What is FTP in Online Slot Games

RTP means the return of the player. The higher the percentage of RTP that means you can easy to win big money from that online slot games. On the contrary, the lower the percentage of RTP that means the lower chance of winning big money from this online slot game.

Normally, you want to get the RTP from the online slot games, our advice to you minimum number of 60 spin times. Because online slot game with RNG (Random Number Generator) has the same chance to get RTP in almost every spin.


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Is RTP important when playing online slot games?

Yes. RTP is important to help for choosing online slot games with a high payout percentage when you are playing real money at Trusted Online Casino Malaysia. 

I believe that if you are an experienced player of online slot games, you should understand the importance of RTP and also find the rule and probability of RTP. If you are a newbie player of online slot games, you can view best online slot games and the most profitable slot games in Malaysia.


How to win money from online slot games?

For example, if an online slot games with RTP percentage of 95% and supposes you use RM2 for every time spin until 100 times, and the final result is that you won RM190 and the casino won RM10. You would ask “Why did I lose RM10? In the above said that the higher the RTP of the slot game is easy to win big money.” 

If you think like that, your thinking is not entirely correct. Because the online slot game has the volatility of player wins. The volatility that means about the randomness winning chance of the game. The volatility determines when you have a big profit and how often. 

How to get this volatility? It depends entirely on you. If you play with higher RTP, you may need to spin more before you win. If you do not have extract money, then maybe you can choose the lower RTP of online slot games to spin at least 60 times. Although you won money is less than higher RTP of online slot games, else you can win money more times.



Hope my explanation can help to you understand what is RTP and what is the effect of the RTP in online slot games. And also, hope my recommendation can help you win a lot of money for online slot games.



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