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XE88 Slot Games Malaysia from AFBCASH offers the most popular slot machine game. Allowing you to win a lot of money on the XE88 Slot Games Malaysia app!  It is sheltered to express that you are a newbie to playing XE88 Online Casino Slot Game Malaysia? Here is a cautious glossary with the majority of the terms you have to know to esteem playing. More information on AFBCash Malaysia Slots Machine Games | AFBSlot88.


Placing bet strategies betting, staking a specific aggregate on the eventual outcome of a turn in an opening game. The player picks the entirety they are happy to put unavoidably, by then turn the reels to check whether they won the wager, and the whole they will get.

Extra Features

Online openings fuse that reward the player. These highlights can solidify anything from a free go to another game and even a chance to win the tremendous stake.

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Reward Video Slots

Games that segment an additional reward game that isn’t for the most part throughout the activity of reel spaces. Or then again perhaps, it can offer a little PC game, total with video bits and sound eats, where the player bets on the result.

Level Top Slots

Non-dynamic opening games that offer a solid top payout that isn’t influenced by the extent of cash accumulated or how consistently a game has been won.

Free Spins

The capacity to turn again without losing credit. This is generally offered as somewhat of a reward section.

Ordinary thing Machine – An average name for an opening machine in the United Kingdom. The name begins from the time that most opening machines in Britain were 3-reel machines with pictures of standard thing on the reels which you were required to sort out to win.


Winning the turn in a slot game. Little hits are wins that accomplishment you back the all-out you wager on that turn, for example. Triumphs can join winning the enormous stake.


The top prize you can win when playing a slot game. It is ordinarily an enormous aggregate of cash [see Progressive Jackpot]. The term likely started from poker, where the “pot” (pool of bets) kept stockpiling until a player could open the game with two Jack cards


Max Bet

Putting the most uncommon extent of credits permitted per turn in a game. The Max Bet jump on the game screen engages the player to effectively begin the silliest wager. Different games require you use Max Bet to win the best payout.


Pictures that expansion the triumphant aggregate. If your turn results in payout and joins a multiplier picture, your triumphs are extend. On the off chance that the payout unites an x3 multiplier, for example, your prizes will be extended three-wrinkle.

Online Slots

Playing slot machine games on the Internet. The online slot is disengaged between download openings, in which you download a customer to your PC, and moment play, in which you accomplice direct to an electronic wagering club’s page and play close by.


The line in the game that picks how high the payout will be.


The complete wherein the game prizes you for every particular accomplishment.

Payout Percentage

The extent of cash returned by a space machine to players over a specific time length


Pay Table

The board that outlines all accessible payouts in a game for each triumphant picture blend.


The enunciation for online openings in Australia. A shorter sort of the explanation “poker machine”.


Slots that join a significant stake which keeps making in each turn until there is a victor.

Emotional Number Generator

Sort of PC programming that guarantees every single game outcome is sporadic by making the numbers that pick the situation of the reels, the game shots and payouts. Likewise, the Random Number Generator is a significant part of the time in like way called RNG.


The turning wheels which are the significant segment of the slot machine. Prior slot machines offered 3 mechanical wheels with pictures and pictures painted on them. Players began the reels and gripped find in what position the reels will stop. On the off chance that the player had three unclear pictures gathered on the reels, they won the round.

Online Slot Games XE88 Malaysia gained the course of action of the mechanical reel games, offering five-reel and seven reel games, with different pictures included.


Disperse Symbols

Pictures that find any place on the reels and can begin a triumphant blend with compensations, multipliers and money prizes


Highlight pictures that can substitute for different pictures to finish a triumphant pay line blend. Wilds take after the Joker in games.

Winning Combination

The mix of pictures on a pay line that triggers a triumph.


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