PlayStar Online Slot - Haidilao
PlayStar Online Slot - Haidilao

PlayStar Slot Games is a games development company founded August 2015 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. PlayStar RNG has certification from the international professional gaming association, GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) GLI for the highest standard and full integrity repeating the test. To ensure the reliability of the Random Number Generator. Besides, it has approval from BMM Compliance (BMM). The strict requirement of the certification not only guaranteed the PS gaming standard but also bringing out the best quality of the gaming industry.

The focus market for PlayStar is mainly in Asian online gambling. Especially China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Nevertheless, it has expanded beyond Asian and attempts to expand to Europe marketing in the coming years.

Haidilao Review

The good people of PlayStar Slot Games decided to warm up our winter because a brand new video slot is coming out on last December of year, called Haidilao. They say that it will be different from what we are used to and we are inclined to agree with that statement. With this spinning reel and forming a winning combination, we might as well shoot guns in the underwater world, looking for big wins and massive wins, with a maximum bet of 1,000 times the bet. Use snorkelling equipment because you will spend a lot of time deep in the ocean.

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Game Symbols

First, we have to say that the visuals are amazing and you will enjoy your stay at the bottom of the sea. According to our sources, there will be twenty different Fish species in these games acting as symbols. We are not marine specialists, but we did recognize a few, including Swordfish, Squids, Clownfish, AngPow Octopus and so on. AngPow Octopus also comes with a special feature that we will talk more about later.


There will be three areas available for play in the 2019 release and up to 4 players can play Haidilao at the same time. Instead of a classic reel grid, you get an ocean with fish swimming around. Gamers will have the option to choose among 20+ Fish species and we advise you to choose wisely because every Fish has a different value. The only thing that is similar to a classic video slot is the option to set the betting range.

Special Features

We noticed that they have increase two special weapons on the fish. When a player shoots down the fish which carrying a special weapon, the player would get 10x Bonus and free bullets from 20 to 100 or unlimited bullets on limited time. Fish is destroyed. Depending on the Fish, gamers will have to use several shots to bring them down to win a payout. Once the Fish loses all strength, the net will go around it and players win payouts. There is also the developer adding three special feature. It is a red envelope octopus, lucky slot and Sichuan opera doll.


To be completely honest, we only managed to discover the maximum possible payout of the Realtime Gaming title, which is set at 1,000 times the bet. We reckon that the red envelope octopus, lucky slot and Sichuan opera doll feature will be very generous.

Fish Catch on Mobile

It will be very interesting to see how the PlayStar title functions on handheld devices, but we think that it will be as fun and exciting as on desktops, especially because it resembles an arcade. The 2019 release will be available in Download mode and Instant Play, on desktops and mobile devices.

Overall Rating

Graphics: 4.5/5

Sound: 3.8/5

Entertainment: 4.0/5

Bonus Rounds: 4.8/5



+Red envelope octopus, lucky slot and Sichuan opera doll with instant wins.

+Crisp Visuals

+Playable across all devices

+Have Free Games to Demo



-Seems more like an arcade than a video slot

-Background music no enough of power

-Only one weapon can be chosen.



In recent years, fishing games are very popular. Therefore, PlayStar developed this Haidilao hot pot-themed fishing game. In the free game, it includes a red bag lottery, free bullets, giant drills and lucky slots. The highest reward icons are hot pot, spicy soup, seafood and face changing. You may get the highest red envelope award 1000 times, while the highest award of the slot machine is 2000 times. Unique fishing scenes and uninterrupted fishing targets will challenge your senses every second!

The PlayStar slot machine is a professional developed, award-winning system proficient in understanding the preferences of players. It will continue to optimize the user experience and customize it for players to form a gorgeous interface. Therefore, PlayStar will become one of the top slot machine suppliers in the Asian market.

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