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Guide to playing online slots? Slots are officially the most popular online casino game. Many people around the world enjoy playing online slot machines great and, although many lose, no one really complains (What is a Random Number Generator and How Does It Ensure Total Game Fairness?). Recently an out-of-town man visiting Las Vegas with a friend bet $ 20 out of boredom and after 5 minutes won the $ 14,282,544 jackpot. One of the names that can ring a bell is Mega Moolah, known as the big jackpot. What is a Slot Machine? Why have they gained so much popularity over the years? And, more importantly, how do people win?

Slot machines go by several names. They are known as “armed robbers”, “fruit machines”, “poker machines”, “poki”, “gambling machines” or just “slots”.

Slot machines are gambling devices that display reels and pay-lines. Modern slots have 3, 5, more rarely 4 reels and up to 100 pay-lines. Slot machines are famous for the big wins that they periodically give to a lucky guy who does nothing more complicated than, for example, pull the lever at the right time in the right place.

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Once a player places his money in the coin / budget acceptor and presses the corresponding button on the screen to place his bet and clicks the “Spin” button the reels will spin. The main goal is to hit the winning combination on the reels and receive the payout. A winning combination is a combination of certain symbols on the payline or on the reels.

First of all, now that we have a (very clear) idea of ​​what slot machines are, let’s go through a short list of their types (don’t worry, there are only 1162).

Today all gambling slot machines use RNG (Random Number Generator) to guarantee fair results. This is a patented technology installed in casino hardware (software in the case with land-based casinos), i.e. (in a reputable establishment) that is constantly audited for integrity by an independent quality monitoring company like Ecogra.

This means that the next combination that appears on the screen is really up to chance-it can be 10 000 000 or zero with the same probability.

There are rules, and, just as you don’t play chess without knowing how the figures move, to succeed you need to know the rules of the game. To play slots players use certain buttons and options.

Let’s check it all out.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Basic Functions of Slot Games

  1. A Payline plays one symbol on each reel on a slot machine or a combination thereof. If a player has made a bet on this payline, he wins.
  2. The Payline Wins Window displays the payline or payline wins.
  3. Coins /Current Balance /Balance Window shows the player’s current balance. After each rotation the balance changes.
  4. Lines window is an indicator that shows the number of active paylines (the number of paylines played by people)
  5. Select lines button or +/- allows players to change the number of paylines.
  6. Paytable/View Pays/View Payouts/Info/Help is a button that allows the player to move to the second screen to see the different symbol combinations that give the payout.
  7. Line Bet is a window that shows the bets of each payline. Bet Per Line / Select coin or the +/- button allows the player to select the appropriate number of coins.
  8. Bet/Total Bet window shows the bet size.
  9. Win indicates the size of the payout (if the player has won) after each spin.
  10. Bet Max / Max is a button that activates all paylines and spins them automatically. By clicking this button, the player will limit the maximum amount of coins on all pay lines.
  11. The Spin Button allows the player to spin the reels.
  12. The Auto Play Button allows the player to set the number of spins that will spin automatically. Sometimes Autoplay is hidden under the Expert (in case with Microgaming), Menu (in case with Playtech) button.
  13. Gamble is a button found on some slots that has a Gamble Game bonus feature. Gamble becomes active after each win and gives players the opportunity to increase winnings.

Explanation of Pay-lines in Slot Games

If you finally want to know how to play slots on AFBCash with many, many, more than 100 pay-lines, you need to get this information first. There are usually nine to thirty pay-lines on the machine, although there may be more.

You can choose a pay-line, and if – only if – you activate it and it gets a winning streak – that streak will be given to you. The symbols, in fact, do not have to be side by side. But keep in mind that you need to activate those guidelines, otherwise the victory will go through it.

People have considerations, like how many lines to bet, for example. It is understandable. After all, online betting is all about strategy. There are good decisions and bad decisions to be made.

In this example (100 pay-lines, 100 ways to win), your chances will depend on how many pay-lines you choose to bet. Choose one – and they are very thin. Pick 100 – and you’ll get to the end of your bankroll quickly. Will you win more if you bet more to pay? How do you calculate the probability? There’s a very complex system in place that calculates the probability and advantage of a house, but one thing’s for sure: it’s not a good idea to affect it all in one go, so be aware of the problem when gambling starts to control you rather than you control it.

If you’re playing for fun and have money to spare, using just one line may not look very appealing after a while. The sensible choice lies somewhere in the middle. There is no such golden rule other than a responsible budget (drive in the right lane, point the barrel away from you when shooting, that sort of thing…).

Important: The recent increase means that the option to select the number of Paylines is currently limited or non-existent. For example, in AFBCash login this option is almost gone, and the slot you see above has no options. 918Kiss and other platforms are also implementing this strategy. The company stated that players did not use the option because it was unattractive.

How to Handle Bonus Scatter

If you’re right into your device, Scatters is just for you. Often Scatters unlock Free Spins, but they can also do Bonus Rounds and Prize Coins. Three invaders will get your winnings (anywhere, and not just on the payline but anywhere!). The latest feature of the last Scatter is when they generate Multipliers (2x, 3x and so on) your winnings for the whole

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