Kawaii Kitty from AFB Gaming is one of the online slot games that are easy to win online slots game, but do you know how to win playing this Kawaii Kitt. The recommended bet is RM0.40 even if you have a lot of balance. If you bet 0.40 sen you get a free spin then you up to your bet as much as you want. If you want to bet RM5.00 also can.

Never play fast or auto, just play manually only. Let it get free spin through manual, this is because if you get free spin by playing fast or catch, the free spin will not pay. In addition, play manually usually will get a full line of gold icons or green balls. Admin can always get a full line of gold icons and green ball icons with a bet value of RM2.00.

Strategy to win online slots

Also, note the amount of random jackpot, if the random jackpot value is above 10k, usually, Kawaii Kitt slot games will not pay. Note the jackpot value stated by the admin below:

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  • Random Jackpot Value 10k and above = Do not play first
  • Random Jackpot Value 7k to 10k = Do not Play first
  • Random Jackpot value starting from 1k to 1.8 k = Do not play First
  • Random Jackpot Value 1.9 to 3.1k = Play with a small value and above
  • Random Jackpot Value 3.3k to 4.7k = How much time do you bet

win online slots - Kawaii Kitty Slot

The above method is good for games that are similar to Kawaii Kitt games such as Wu Kong, Fortune and Victory. In addition, by observing the random jackpot value the probability of dropping the jackpot is also high. Just admin advice, do not always play fast or catch, this because it seems to disrupt the system itself.

It is up to you to follow the way the game is recommended by the admin. The important thing is Luck is Real !!!!

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