Online baccarat is a famous online casino game Malaysia, which is very popular in Asia. Especially in Malaysia, the online baccarat with the largest number of players is easy to understand and play. It’s also a game with a higher winning rate than other games. It also is a famous game in AFBCASH.

Baccarat is the most popular online casino in Malaysia. Is a card game similar With playing card to bounce In which the member chooses to bet on the banker or player? If either side has a card value that is close to or equal to 9 points, that side will win.

How to play baccarat online in AFBCASH. Firstly, you should know baccarat online is a two-sided bet, namely the Banker and the Player, with which side receiving the most points or the closest 9 points will win the match.

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Card deal rules

The cards will be dealt face up with 2 cards, both the player and the dealer. If the first 2 cards of both sides get 1 – 5 points, they must draw 1 card. They get 6 – 7 points without drawing the cards, and also if they get 8 – 9 points, do not need to draw cards again to play baccarat. The 9 points are considered the highest point wins.

Card Baccarat Counting

A has 1 point.

2 – 9 are equal to the number of numbers on the face of the card.

10 is equal to 0 points.

J has 0 points.

Q has 0 points.

K has 0 points.


Online Baccarat Rules Members will be able to bet with the following options

1. The player is the bet on the player’s side.

2. Banker is betting on the banker’s hand.

3. A tie game is player and banner are draw.

4. Player Pair is a bet on the player’s side to issue a pair of cards or similar face cards in the first 2 cards.

5. Banker Pair is a bet on which the dealer will issue two pair cards or identification cards in the first 2 cards.

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