Online Casino Dragon and Tiger Live Game

Dragon Tiger or single card game suitable for members who like something simple, not complicated and fast, does not need to waste time will get or lose the temple together. Who’s better? Is a new casino game that is hotly suitable for people who like something new and brave. And also, AFBCASH  Malaysia has provided these games on our website.

A Dragon Tiger bet is a bet on 2 sides, which is Dragon and Tiger. Only one card is dealt with the per card. Which side is higher, then that side wins.


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How to play the Malaysia Trusted Online Casino Game Dragon Tiger with the steps below.

1. Allow members to place bets on which side to bet Which will have a higher score between the Dragon side and the Tiger side. By choosing which side to win, there will be time for the member to choose to place for 25 seconds. If the member has chosen to place the side and press confirm.

2. Employees will deal with cards (Face-up type), which will be given 1 Dragon and 1 Tiger.

3. See which points are drawn on which side will win. If which side has more card points Considered that side to be the winner.

4. In the case of the Dragon and Tiger side having equal points, Will be considered tie or tie.

5. Members can choose to bet on both sides of the Dragon (Dragon) and the Tiger (Tiger). The face cards are even or odd, and the face cards are red or black.


The counting of Dragon Tiger cards

1. Face A cards have the lowest point value equal to 1 point.

2. The face of K cards has the highest score of 13 points.

3. The face of the Q card has 12 points.

4. The face of J cards has a point value of 11 points.

5. The face of cards 2 – 10 cards with equal points Number of numbers according to the face of the card.

The counting of Dragon Tiger cards or single card games Will looks similar to Baccarat. Just give 1 card each side for a chance to win cards in each side, both Player and Banker.


Card payout rate

1. If Dragon wins, pay 1 times the amount placed.

2. If Tiger wins, pay 1 times the amount placed.

3. If both sides have equal points, tie. Pay 8 times the amount bet.


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